Nature's Soul Photography by Virginia Jamieson

About the Artist

     At an early age, Virginia was at home in the countryside, communing with the natural world in Northern Ontario, Canada. As a young person, being out picking blueberries with the wild bears around and soaking in the view of the lakes from the top of the hillsides, she developed an appreciation of the gifts of Mother Nature.

     Remembering back,  the topic of her public school speech was “Conservation”, at a time where the general public did not recognize that as an important issue. Later, far from home, while completing numerous photography courses at Ventura College in Ventura, California, her love of nature resurfaced in her art.

     She also pursued her love of travel and adventure while enjoying a number of treks with Popular Photography Magazine’s Mentor Series, further fueling the fire within to excel in the field of landscape and nature photography, with a view to promoting the protection of our earth. Throughout her travels, she has focused on water and its beauty and uses, be it in the crystal clear lakes and rivers visited in various US State Parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon,  as well as the glaciers  in Alaska, the Mountains of Switzerland or the river where fishermen caught wild salmon, as in Oregon’s Salmon River. Most recently, her September 2019 show at the Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario - "Water - The Gift of Life" focused on various landscapes that contribute to the main gallery theme of Climate Change. 

     Her hope is that we recognize water’s importance in our lives and that we all work together to save our planet’s resources for the needs of our future generations.  Her hope is also that these photos inspire you to go out in nature for your own peace and enjoyment and if these photos spark a personal memory, that you have it framed to view it regularly. Special requests are welcomed.

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